Hydraloops: Experiments in Ethico-aesthetics

Hyrdaloops: Experiments in Ethico-Aesthetics, 2022, collaborative installation between ANU School of Art Honours students: Emily O’Neil, Bridget Baskerville and Clementine Belle McIntosh. Commissioned by the Australian National University School of Cybernetics and Institute for Water Futures as part of the Australia Cybernetic: a point through time launching exhibition. 

A collaborative material investigation into the interconnecting systems of the Murray Darling Basin. Interplays between organic and digital elements reference the relationships between the human and non-human in such waterscapes. The interactive installation invited audiences to step onto a grass paper mat consisting of Australian native grasses grown into recycled paper pulp sourced from the ANU Cybernetics Birch Building. With each step, images of impacted mining waterscapes in Kandos NSW / Wiradjuri country, randomised across suspended screens. The participating audience member was additionally photographed and collaged into the assemblage, representing their active role in the installation’s and Murray Darling Basin’s system.

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