During my Honours in Visual Arts at ANU, I developed a sense of place in the suburbs of Ngunnawal and Ngambri country, ACT. Textile blankets and recycled paper ground covers were made with the local gift economy (predominantly the Buy-Nothing Facebook group*) and in ecosystem collaboration. The blankets became a transcribing and porous object, metaphorically interweaving self with other (stranger/nonhuman) via outdoor blanketing installations. After exhibition display, these blanketing works will return to the local suburbs as they are regifted, composted or repurposed back into the environmental systems and circular economies I encountered them in.

*The Buy-Nothing Project is an international network of local gift economies. The network uses the platform of Facebook to give, receive, lend, share and express gratitude. via:

Australian National University: School of Art & Design Graduate Exhibition, Ngunnawal and Ngambri country/ Canberra ACT, 25th November – 4th December 2022

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