A Fine Line

Artificially’s A Fine Line exhibition at The Station, Meanjin/Fortitude Valley Australia, 11th December 2021

Featured Artists: Melanie Fisher, Mudfae (Lilly Star), Clementine Belle McIntosh, Emma Trewhella, Leila Karni, Brittany & Stephanie Noffke, Noah North, Lachlan McGuffie, Mia Ceaan, Dominique Barrett, Megan Victoria Gilbert, Daniel Johns, Isabella Newman, Elise Gellweiler, Margot Stewart, Amelia De Weger, Christian Mananghaya, Isobelle Pearl and Bonnie Qin.

Humidity Blanket was constructed during a period of high rainfall in the Meanjin/Brisbane region. Plant matter, rain, and steaming heat constitute the foundational mediums; binding materials to place and embodying ecological processes.

The psychological western line placed between man-made constructions and the non-human environment is overlooked and made redundant, as the work beckons for a holistic worldview towards people, places and the relationships existing within them.

Humidity Blanket, December 2021
Eucalyptus bark dye, avocado skin dye, poinciana tree flowers, iron mordant, rainwater, and thread on linen and reclaimed fabric

(photo courtesy: Isabella Newman, Artificially)

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